Welding and Fabrication Services

welding and fabrication

Whether you need new parts fabricated in a sanitary manner to keep your machines up and running or you are looking for an expert stainless-steel welder, we have you covered. At Knack Industrial Contracting, our team of professional welders and millwrights are experienced in working on all kinds of industrial equipment, including food processing equipment.

Our range of comprehensive welding and fabrication services can be performed either in our shop or on the jobsite. No matter what type of equipment we are working on, our team follows a refined process that allows us to focus on providing a higher attention to detail and a high-quality finished product.

Food and beverage service providers.

As food-safe specialists, our millwrights are well versed in good manufacturing practices for keeping surfaces and machines safe and sanitary. By following a strict process for fabricating and performing welds for the food and beverage industry, we ensure that all of our products and work are completely food safe, optimizing your product's quality.

Our team of food plant maintenance specialists is also experienced in locating and rectifying unsafe food processing practices, as well as responding to a range of different audits—CFIA audits, BRC audits, SQF audits, customer audits, internal QA audits, etc.—and health and safety checks. Choosing to work with Knack Industrial Contracting means knowing you can rest assured that all work will be completed to meet the highest standards in the food and beverage industry.