Knack Plastik Partitions

Knack Plastik partitions

No matter where you work—food processing facility, large-scale manufacturing, grocery store, retail, etc.—our dedicated installers will work closely with you to determine which plastic partition products will work best for your particular workplace.

Knack Plastik products are uniquely designed to put the needs of our clients and their employees first. All of our plastic partition products are custom fabricated for each individual business to ensure that we are providing the best solution for a food-safe space.

Plastic partitions for safer working environments.

food processing partitions

We strive to create working environments that allow employees to socially distance while still being able to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. Before custom fabricating our plastic partitions, we always take the time to consult with our clients and provide them with feedback on what will work best for a given space. Our team will then handle all of the fabrication and installation work, ensuring that the plastic partitions allow for a safe workspace.

Promote social distancing for protecting employees and products.

Knack Plastik partitions provide the ideal solution for any environment that involves dense staffing in a small area, including factory workers in the food and beverage industry. Our line of plastic partitions can be fabricated and installed quickly, allowing your workplace to continue operating in a safe and sanitary manner even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.